Altogether Shredding

Secure On-Site Document Shredding Services

Locally Owned & operated by Dax Bennett, in Whitecourt, Alberta, Altogether Shredding is a mobile document shredding service providing peace of mind, privacy and security assurance. Altogether Shredding will guarantee confidentiality and security of shredded documents and files on-site. We provide prompt, professional shredding services and are fully insured and bonded.​

Name : Dax Bennett
Phone : 780-778-0873
Email : or
Email :
Address : 36 Beaver Drive, Whitecourt, AB. T7S 1G4

Procedures and Policies

The shredding service will arrive at your site of business. The driver/operator will park where it is out of the way, turn on working lights, and be courteous to all people in area. A scheduled pick-up should not be any longer than 10 minutes. For purges, parking will be arranged with the customer.

The operator in uniform will lower a 2 wheel bin from truck, proceed into office and collect documents from consoles, being careful not to disturb workers. He or she will return to the truck, hook bin onto lift, lift bin, tipping bin into shredder hopper where documents are shredded. The document shredding is observed by security camera at operator control station. After shredding the pieces are pushed into the locked storage area, mixed with countless other shreds. All documents in the procession of the operator are treated according to the same procedure. The work might involve a single person with a handful of confidential papers, to the shredding of tons of documents from large businesses.


Please contact Dax Bennett for a free quote in regards to your service needs and location, or to leave a review.

​Owner/Operator: Dax Bennett

Mailing Address:
36 Beaver Drive, Whitecourt, AB. T7S 1G4

Phone: (780)778-0873